This article first appeared in the January 24th, 1960 issue of New York News magazine. Back then Dick Loderhose performed under the name "Dick Scott." Photos are by David McLane.

Pipe Organ Home:
$50,000 Instrument installed in Long Island house

DICK SCOTT loves organs. In fact, the was quite an accomplished theatre organist for years, but his dad thought there was no future in it. He persuaded Dick to join the family's 100-year-old glue business. Scott did and apparently he's made a success of that, too. Two years ago he heard that Times Square's Paramount Theatre had a spare organ for sale and he bought it. It had been used for practice by Jesse Crawford, famous organist, and had cost $75,000. Scott got it dirt cheap. But by the time he moved it and installed it in a specially built edifice he had to spend more than $50,000. When he plays the instrument, he feels it was money well-spent.